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Since 2013, Klingande has been breathing new life into the electronic music world with his impeccable productions and uplifting sound, cementing his reputation as one of the most refreshing and original producers around in modern dance music.

Klingande’s presence of sublime melodies has made him one of the leading pioneers within his field. Releasing standout music alongside fellow tropical house founders Kygo, Bakermat, Sam Feldt and Robin Schulz, his refreshing and innovative sound later influenced the likes of Lost Frequencies, Kungs, Ofenbach and many more; establishing him as a leader of the melodic house genre…

After studying at Point Blank in London in 2011/12, Klingande holed himself up in the studio, honing his now signature sound to unveil his delightful debut single ‘Punga’ in 2013. However, it was his follow up ‘Jubel’ in 2014 that rightfully propelled the young producer into the spotlight, becoming one of the first standout tracks of its genre. Since then, the record has amassed over 200 million views on YouTube, an additional 22 million plays across SoundCloud and a further 230 million on Spotify, as well as taking the #1 spot in 30 countries to become the most Shazamed track across Europe.

A musician in the truest sense of the word, what sets Klingande apart from the rest is his dedication to producing unu- sual and mesmerizing soundscapes. Constantly introducing acoustic instruments not usually encountered in typical elec- tronic music, his third official single ‘RIVA (Restart The Game)’ – released in 2015 and featuring French singer Broken Back and harmonica player Greg Zlap – even saw him experiment with the harmonica to almighty applause. He followed up with the brilliant ‘Losing U’ introducing a quartet of strings.

Bringing his saxophone and violin/guitar player to every show he’s played since 2016, Klingande ensures this experimental attitude resonates throughout his live performances. Playing 500 shows in 4 years, Klingande has gained a global fanbase with fans in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. It is therefore no surprise that he has been called upon to play at major festivals like Ultra Music Festival in Miami and Korea to Tomorrowland and Creamfields or EDC Sao Paulo.

Klingande followed these tracks up with a succession of hits like ‘Somewhere New’ (46 million streams on Spotify) and ‘Pumped Up’ in 2017, with the latter already racking up 80 million plays.

Known for his innovative productions, Klingande produced the first Face- book live stream music video in history for ‘Somewhere New’ as the video saw 40 people come together to tell a wonderful story through 11 different environments. Klingande’s shows continue to captivate audiences in both intimate venues and festival mainstages. Despite his hectic travel schedule in 2018, Klingande delivered a constant stream of genre-defying music to his fans in- cluding his collaboration with Chicago-based trio Au- trograf ‘Hope For Tomorrow’ featuring Dragonette. His infectious summer hit ‘Rebel Yell’ with Jamaican voca- list Krishane has already amassed more than 20 million streams worldwide. Following the success of his Nor- th American fall tour, Klingande reunited with Broken Back to release their whimsical single ‘Wonders’.

In 2019, Klingande released his eagerly antici- pated debut album, a celebration of his iconic feel- good sounds intertwined with 10 brand-new produc- tions that fans will instantly connect with.

A little